5 Easy Pointers For Buying The Perfect Refrigerator!

Refrigerator is one of the few must-have appliances for every home. Whether you are buying a new refrigerator or want to replace the existing one, there are a few aspects to consider. While there’s a lot of resources online on how to buy a refrigerateur, we have sorted 5 pointers, so that you can pick the right option.

  • Start with a capacity. Any product with capacity of less than 100-120 liters would be considered a mini fridge. If this is your primary refrigerator, go for the one with at least 200 liters of capacity. In case you have more than three members in the house, you would need a big one for sure.
  • Number of doors. Most small refrigerators have a single door, with a separate freezer compartment, but you can always choose to go for a double or triple-door fridge that’s more versatile. Keep in mind that a refrigerator is an investment for the long run, so you need to buy the best you can. Side-by-side door designs can be considered for bigger requirements.
  • We are not talking of frost-free technology anymore because the best ones are frost-free anyway. Shelves need more attention. Wired shelves help brands in cutting the costs, but since this is your primary refrigerator, pick a model that has toughened glass shelves.

  • Check ENERGY STAR rating. This basically refers to how efficient a refrigerator is with regards to power consumption. For example, a 1-star rated product would consume more units of electricity than a 3-star one. If your budget permits, go for a refrigerator that comes with at least 4-5-star rating. Considering what you would save in energy bills in the next five years or more, the extra money is worth paying.
  • Brand and warranty. For any electrical appliance, the brand is always important. Go for a company that you know, such as Electrolux, Danby, Haier, and so on. Branded refrigerators are priced right, and while you may pay a tad more, rest assured that the product wouldn’t need replacement at least for the next few years (a decade in most cases).

With that in mind, also remember that refrigerators are designed for extensive use, so the space inside the fridge will matter. As for the price, you can get better deals and discounts if you go for online stores, many of which also have all kinds of refrigerators for different budgets and needs.

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