A Guide on Welcome Gifts Ideas for Your New Employee

Businesses show their appreciation and warm welcome for the new employee in various ways. Not just the company wants to be the best of all but also instill loyalty in them. If you are thinking of giving the most special gift to your employees, that makes them feel honored and respected then check out this post.

What makes welcome gift so important?

Presenting welcome gifts have become a tradition in the companies. They offer long-term advantages for several firms. Each and every strategy implemented by a business will have an objective behind it. When you give gifts to new employees, they feel the sense of belonging to the company. It will go a long way in developing their loyalty towards the company, and it also helps in improving their work productivity.

Délices Erable & Cie cadeau corporatif is one of the leading firms where you can get superior quality extensive range of corporate gifts to suit the taste of everyone.

Employees have seen to feel highly appreciated to stay with the existing firm. These types of gifts act as a wonderful means to encourage retention of employees. Excellent gifts for your new recruits aid them to feel closeness with the company.

Gifting high-quality thoughtful products make them remember the gift throughout life. Such gifts instill positivity in the mindset of employees and make it work in the best interest of the company.

Gourmet Gift Basket

This is the popular gift quintessential welcome gift that makes them beneficial for new employees. Tidy, stuffed, thematically colored delicious treats make a remarkable impression on your newly hires.

Choose a combination of gifts that satisfy savory and sweet cravings. Some of the best choices would be Trident smoked salmon, Ghirardelli chocolate bars, gourmet popcorn, water crackers, toffee pretzels, and a lot more. This basket is a great way to express your appreciation and enthusiasm for them.

Californian Wine Gift Basket

Why should you opt for common gifts when you have the most special gifting idea? Garlic stuffed olives, Monterey Jack cheese, smoked salmon, chocolate truffles, almond roca, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, brie cheese are some of the best types of wine that your employee would surely love. White or red wine, Californian wine gift basket provides an interesting combination of flavorful and rich varieties of wines to satiate their taste buds.

This wine basket spells sophistication and is important to create a lasting impression. It tastes authentic and overflowing with true California tastes. This is what makes it the classiest gift baskets that you will ever find.

Spa Gift Basket

Many employees love getting spa gifts. It is one of the best ways to pamper themselves. They could be the best gift baskets that would welcome new employees and make them feel excited and appreciated.

This gift basket is best suited for new women recruits. They would definitely appreciate a relaxing and soothing spa weekend that includes vanilla flavored orchid body lotion, butter, and mist, nail brush, pumice set and spiced pear tea.


Corporate gifts have become a trend nowadays. Offering gifts for your new recruits set you apart. All these gifts prove to be a wonderful gift for your new recruit.

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