Buy the Perfect Bunk Bed Using these Tips

Are you looking to buy a new bunk before for your child? If so, you must know it might be a bit more complicated than purchasing other home furniture. When choosing a bunk bed, you need to keep in mind some safety concerns while trying to ensure your satisfaction and your child’s. Just like when buying other pieces of furniture, buying a bunk bed must begin by determining what you need. Below are some tips to help you find the perfect bunk beds for sale:

Measure the Space Available

Bunk beds naturally fit a smaller space; however, they can have lots of benefits for bigger rooms. Measure the floor space and determine the height of the ceiling. Make sure there are at least two feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumps. On average, bunk height is between 5 ½ feet and 6 feet tall. In terms of floor space, remember that although a twin bunk bed might need more space than a standard twin bed, its special features can require more room. These features include pull-outs such as drawers or trundle beds.

Determine the Kind of Bunk Bed you Need

You can find a lot of bunk beds on the market which range from the basic twin-over-twin to elaborate combination that caters to various needs. The majority of bunk beds are categorized as basic and lofted with a lot of subcategories under each one. For example, you can find basic bunk beds available as twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, and others. Lofted beds can be available with a lofted bed over a futon or a lofted bed over a sturdy center. Try to consult your child about their needs to ensure you don’t overlook something.

Choose your Style

Because there is an array of styles for bunk beds out there, you have lots to pick from. Also, you can choose from many materials like wood, all-metal, and the combination of the two. In terms of bunk beds, you can pick from traditional styles in darker wood with detailing or choose a more modern style with sleek lines. You also have many options if you want a cottage or country style.

Ensure Safety

The safety of the bunk bed is an important consideration. Pick a bunk bed with all the safety features like headboards, guardrails, and footboards.  Also, explain to your child that they must observe all safety rules when using their bed.

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