Buying an EPIKGO Self Balancing Board: Things to Consider

If you are looking to purchase the best hoverboard, a good brand such as EPIKGO makes high-quality and heavy-duty hoverboards with plenty of foot space for the ultimate hovering experience. Aside from being fun, it can be useful for those who trouble walking. A hoverboard is a solution for people with arthritis, chronic pain, and ankle injuries who cannot walk long distances. Before you purchase a board from EPIKGO, make sure to read epikgo self balancing board review. Also, consider the following before you make your final decision:

Battery Life

If you are planning to take a long stroll, you must go for a board that does not die out on you midway. Visit the website of the manufacturer and go to the review section or forums to know how long the battery will last. Reviews are also available on review websites and they can give you great insights on the overall quality of the product.

Weight Capacity

A self-balancing board must be strong enough to fly you around, so check the maximum weight capacity before you purchase one. Because of this, it is not advisable to give a small child a board since this gadget has a minimum weight capacity.

Product Warranty

If the board breaks after using it just for one day or if the battery stops out of nowhere, you must have a backup. To ensure you will get parts replaced, keep the warranty card in a safe place. Usually, warranties are for free and accompany the purchase. But, because they can be used only for a certain period, you may want to buy one for an extension.


Some self-balance boards are designed for kids, so ensure you do not accidentally purchase a kid’s board for yourself. Also, some hoverboards are too big for children. Also, the hoverboard must fit through your doorway and on the sidewalk. Check the dimensions of the board so it would fit inside your house perfectly.


EPIKGO hoverboards are a crowd favorite because of their amazing features. They come with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker that allows users to ride around to their favorite beat. Their 400W dual gyroscopic motors can handle around 15-18 degrees of incline. Also, they can help the rider climb on a hill of up 30 degrees easily. As you ride the board down a road, it may come across uneven terrain and puddles. Its IP56 Waterproof certification ensures the rider does not lose out on any fun even when soaked.

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