Buying the Perfect Rain Gear for your Dog to Encourage Him to Walk in the Rain

If you are like other dog owners, you probably spend a lot of time outside with your fur friend. And you don’t want bad weather ruin your good time. It is always enjoyable to walk your dog in the rain; however, your pet may take some coaxing to join in on the fun. Below are some ways to get your pet comfortable with being wet and ensure your house and car stay clean after each walk.

Keeping your Dog Warm in a Rainy Weather

You probably own an active dog that tends to shudder at the idea of walking or running in the rain. To encourage your dog to get comfortable with the weather, expose him to it at a young age. Keep in mind that your behavior and actions will influence your pet’s. Thus, if he sees you having a great time, he may follow suit. But, some puppies are not properly introduced to inclement weather so you may have to approach yours differently, especially if you have adopted an older dog.

You can start by taking him out to relieve himself or for a two-minute walk in the rain. Just increase the length of every walk to help your pet gain confidence in walking in this weather condition. Consider investing in a dog rain suit to help prevent him from getting too wet which could bother him. Ensure you help your pet dry off as soon as you get home.

Choosing the Perfect Rain Gear

If your dog tends to spend plenty of time walking or running with you in the rain, bring him with you to a pet shop. This way, he can try on the gear before you purchase it. Walk the dog up and down the aisle to evaluate his comfort level. Although your dog may feel strange wearing a dog suit, you will be able to tell if he will adjust or reject the gear he is trying on.

In terms of rain gear for dogs, raincoats are the most common. However, there are other options to think about like umbrellas that attach to the leash or harness. Also, consider buying dog rain boots to help keep your dog’s feet and legs from getting wet. But, don’t force your dog if he doesn’t want to wear those boots. Indeed, some dogs will refuse outright. This is the reason you must let your pet try the gear on before you buy it.

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