Corporate Gifting: Check These Incredibly New Ideas!

Branding is a constant process, and beyond your customers and employees, you have to keep your clients, suppliers, contacts, and partners happy. When it comes to corporate gifting, thinking out of the box is necessary. Gone are times when you could simply customize a few pens and writing pads to be given away as gifts. This is the time to be creative and make your corporate contacts feel special. Companies like cadeau corporatif Délices Erable & cie have a wide range of products that have been curated with thought. In this post, we are sharing a few amazing ideas for corporate gifting that are not run-of-the-mill.

  • Gourmet hampers. Many known bakeries and manufacturers have gourmet hampers that are exclusively packed for corporate needs. From select bakery products to expensive things such as maple syrup, these hampers can be customized as required, and you can work around a budget, as well.
  • Sustainable products. Terms like “green” and “sustainable” may seem overused, but they are relevant to people more than ever. Brands that play for the cause of the environment can earn brownie points from corporate contacts and customers alike. Instead of buying plastic stuff for gifting, go for natural products, such as jute bags, handmade baskets, natural wood boxes and so on.
  • Personalized products. Customization in corporate gifting doesn’t have to be about the company. You can actually get personalized products for your select clients and contacts, depending on how important they are for you. Make sure that you try for products that have some value to the user.

  • Coffee/tea blends. Another great gift beyond gourmet hampers is tea/coffee blends. You will find companies that have contacts with tea manufacturers, and they can get customized hampers that can be sent around. These are often considered to be safe gifts in many ways, because who doesn’t love coffee or would mind something like a matcha tea?
  • Expensive electronic gadgets. If budget is not a constraint, or when you have to find products for exclusive clients and patrons, you can go for gadgets, such as iPad, Kindle, iWatch and so on. The idea is to offer something of value, and that doesn’t have to be about personalization. In fact, these products should be given as a token of appreciation and not as a means to promote your brand.

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