Design-Forward Engagement Gift Sets For Your Friend

Are you feeling stuck on what to get your friend who just announced their engagement? We feel your engagement-shopping blues. No need to fear! There are plenty of super thoughtful, yet chic gifts you can give the happy couple so they never have to worry about finding the perfect present for their friends ever again.

These beautifully packaged sets include everything from a succulent dish garden to a tabletop succulent garden with ceramic dishes for succulents.

  1. Customize Vow Book

What a fun idea! A customizable book will make their wedding vows special and totally unique. For example, the bride and her bridesmaids could add memories of their friendship over the years in the pages of this book (if you’re looking for gift ideas for bridesmaids!). They can also add photos, love letters, and other special mementos inside the book.

  1. Hand-Painted Succulent Dish Garden

Give your friend a super chic succulent dish garden to add some green to their home. Not only will they be totally impressed, but they’ll also have food that’s good for them!

  1. Snooze Tight Plant Slippers

What soon-to-be bride wouldn’t want these cozy slippers? She can even give them to her bridesmaids as surprise gifts! In addition, you can include a personalized note.

  1. Removable Trinket Box

You can create this elegant box (or frames to fit their photos) with a personalized inscription. It can be used as a place for jewelry or any small items that you want to save in a safe place for safe-keeping.

  1. Succulent Tie Rack and Apron Set

Add nice touches of green to your friend’s home with this gorgeous succulent tie rack set that they can use while they’re getting ready. Couple it with a succulent apron (for the bride) or surprises for the bridesmaids!

  1. Personalised Stemless Wine Glass

Give your friends something that they can use and remember you with every time they enjoy a glass of wine. With this stemless wine glass, they can toast to the new couple as well as their own friendship.

  1. Polaroid Camera Gift Set

Ditch the digital images and go back to something that’s more tangible and memorable. These Polaroid gift sets bring back old memories,especially how they met.

  1. Modern Desk Ornaments

These desk ornaments not only serve as the perfect spot to hold pens, but they can also be used as a wedding keepsake when the bride and groom use them after their wedding!

  1. Personalized Travel Journal and Pens

This travel journal set is a great way to share the new couple’s adventures together. Plus, it can be used as a place to hold all of the memories they make together.

  1. Romantic Candle Gift Set

A romantic candle set is perfect for any friend who’s getting married and is looking for gift ideas for her soon-to-be husband. Plus, it can be personalized with their names on it!

The newly-engaged will certainly be thankful for these thoughtful gifts. When you create a customized product, you can add in cute messages, dates, etc. Tell the bride and groom why you got them each these products or what made it meaningful to you.

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