Everything You Should Know About Recreational Target Shooting

Though shooting has gained popularity in the past few decades, fear about the damage caused to the life forms has increased too. Many agencies provide sites for fishing, camping and shooting purposes. In the last few years, the number of DNR-manged sites has also been open for target shooting purpose. However, they are always under conflict due to frequent instances of insecurities reported by the residents.

Here are a few things you should know about the recreational target shooting.

  1. What is recreational target shooting?

It features the use of bows and arrows or firearms on the target.

Rules and regulations are employed to ensure safe shooting –

  • The shooter shall never aim carelessly or recklessly.
  • They shall not discharge any ammunition or projectile device on the DNR land.
  1. Does it include hunting?

No. There are certain rules and regulations by the fishery and wildlife department for the same.

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  1. Where you can get permission for the shooting?

You can shoot in

  • Dnr managed lands (especially for shooting)
  • Areas that can prevent all kinds of projectiles safely.

You can’t shoot in places like –

  • The areas that are near the road or on the road
  • Across or near 500 feet of recreational facilities that aren’t designed for target shooting, residential areas, business areas, structures, already restricted areas.
  1. Do they allow any specialised target?

You can easily use commercially or privately manufactured targets, but shall not use any unauthorised object such as mentioned below.

  • Garbage
  • Vegetation
  • Natural features
  • Structures
  • Gates
  • Vehicles
  • Signs
  • Departmental improvements
  • Appliances
  • Items of Furniture
  • Glass
  • Privately owned structures
  • Livestock and wildlife
  • Explosives etc.
  1. When you can go shooting?

Unless permitted you cannot shoot before sunrise and after sunset.

  1. Who is responsible for disposal spent items in the shooting?

The shooter itself is responsible for the disposal of the items used in the shooting. They shall remove all the items starting from shell casing, targets, fragments etc.

  1. Safety tips for recreational target shooting

Other than the recreational target shooting rules, here are few safety rules you must know.

  • Go prepared to your destination.
  • Pre-plan the route
  • Have a piece of knowledge about your surrounding and potential risks.
  • Don’t leave any traces behind you (tread lightly)
  • You must know proper rifle and archery safety and precautions beforehand.
  • Protect yourself completely by wearing safety types of equipment.

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