Five Factors to Consider when Shopping for Quartz Countertops

If you are looking to create your perfect easy-case quartz countertops, you have many options to choose from out there. But, if you are considering quartz for the first time, you may still have some questions in mind. Getting answers to these questions will help you make the right choice.

When shopping for quartz, make sure to ask about the following:

Benefits of Quartz Installation

Quartz countertops are elegant, durable, easy-to-clean, and non-porous. With many quartz colors to choose from, you can be sure there is one that fits your taste. A lot of today’s quartz colors are now offered in prefabricated slabs for easy and quick installation. But, custom slabs are also on the menu.

Available Finishes

The majority of countertops before featured a highly polished surface. In fact, a lot of homeowners today still prefer this dazzling shine. However, there are other finishes available in a Quartz Store such as concrete looks and matte finishes for more modern designs. To pick the right finish for your quartz countertop, take a sample into the space and see how the natural light plays with the various finishes.

Manufacturer Reputation

As quartz counters continue to rise in popularity, more and more companies are manufacturing and distributing them. But, not all of them have a long-term reputation and have mastered quartz making. Because quartz counters are expensive, you want to get them from the right company with years of existence in their industry. Make sure you understand the quality standards of every manufacturer before you pick the counters.

Terms and Warranty

When choosing countertops, study the full terms and warranty. Some warranties do not cover all kinds of properties and others only cover quartz countertops installed by a professional installer. Thus, if you have a rental or commercial property, read the warranty and verify any questions you may have in terms of the scope. If something goes wrong with your investment, you can be sure you are covered.

Scope of the Slab’s Color and Design

Quartz can be full-body or not. Full-body means its color and design goes all the way to through the slab’s body. That is why you must consider this when shopping for counters. With some manufacturers, the quartz colors are engineered with an optimal fusion of resin and quartz, with the color and pattern running throughout the slab’s depth. Also, the surface is resistant to bacteria and staining.  This choice is perfect for kitchens where activities such as baking, food preparation, homework, and others take place on the center island.

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