General Information about Corrugated Boxes and Best Ways to Buy these Boxes

Corrugated boxes are being used in packaging since many decades. These boxes are quite popular among traders, manufacturers and online shippers. They are even used by packers and in warehouses as storage units.

What exactly is a corrugated box?

These boxes are similar to cardboard boxes made of paper having fluted corrugated sheet and having a liner. The corrugated sheet and the liners help in enhancing the durability and designing the packing in good shape. The beneficial features of the boxes have made it possible to do easy shipping of goods safely and securely. The boxes was used as marketing tool as it was best to label, print brand name of the Company and perfect for packaging any kind of item.

The types of corrugated boxes:

  • Single wall corrugated sheet box: This kind of boxes are light weight however durable to carry 10 kg weight of goods.
  • Multiple wall sheet corrugated boxes manufacturing: It can be double or three layered sheet corrugated boxes best to hold heavy weight items and acting as storage unit.

All kinds of corrugated box 101 is available with every manufacturer of packing box at affordable cost. However, before you choose corrugated boxes for fulfilling our needs of packing certain facts need to be considered.

Here are few tips to follow –

  • Know the item size, weight, shape and its features. This will help in packing perfectly and securely. However, if the item is delicate don’t opt for single sheet corrugated boxes. It is because there are chances of it getting cracked while shipping resulting in damage of the packed item.

  • There may be many boxes that use substandard materials at low price. It will be best to avoid them for future loss.
  • Never try to buy boxes from the first vendor. You can verify, the creditability of the box maker and compare the rates of different traders who sell packaging boxes.
  • If you want boxes in a large number, it will be beneficial to place orders few weeks before you start packing the goods. As the maker of the boxes will take few days to customize the box as per your needs.

Shipping packaging units needs to be durable and versatile enough to hold any kind of packages rightly. The best part is that corrugated boxes are biodegradable and can be recycled again to make packaging units.

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