How to deal with your cat’s digestive problems?

Although it is not usually the case with all cats, some breeds are more prone to developing digestive problems than others. Veterinarians often recommend that people feed their cats using hypoallergenic food for cats if they detect digestive issues. You can recognize these problems when noticing that your cat is drooping, vomiting regularly, or has diarrhea. Never medicate your cat without first taking him to a veterinarian. Every breed is different, and your veterinarian will tell you what to buy to help your favorite feline. For example, you can’t just buy any hypoallergenic wet cat food you find. Although companies design these foods to avoid gastrointestinal complications, manufacturing companies that produce them use different processes. Your veterinarian is the right person to tell you which is the best brand to buy to help your cat to have a better digestive process.

Don’t fall for sweet acts of love 

Remember that scene in ‘Puss in Boots’ where he makes eyes that melt anyone’s heart? Your cat will try to do the same, although not always with a look full of tenderness. You can tell your cat wants a cat snack or another type of food the vet has forbidden when you notice a non stop meowing and constant rubbing of its body with yours. You consider that a single snack, even half of one, can negatively alter its digestive system and, in the worst case, may lead to serious health problems. If your cat has power over you, ask your veterinarian if there is another type of snack you can give that is safe for your cat. If your vet says there isn’t any, it’s best to consider  keeping your cat from eating something that will affect its health.

Distract your cat with fun activities

For your cat not to fall into a state of depression or anxiety because of the digestive problems it is experiencing, you can choose to create fun activities that will keep him active. Those actions will help his organism to generate the antibodies to speed up the healing process of his digestive issues. Keep in mind that, depending on the severity of your cat’s health problem, there are certain activities you should avoid. For example, prevent your cat from running around or tossing, because this could affect his stomach. You should also make sure your cat rests for at least an hour after eating to allow his body to complete digestion. Finally, make sure your cat has a comfortable place to sleep.

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