How to make a Christmas felt tree?


For all those who are new to this term, the Felt tree is an excellent activity for children to enjoy Christmas. The children can gather small ornaments all year long and then decorate the tree in the best possible manner. While this is purely for the small children, the elder ones need to support them in every way possible to help them ace it. Lets start off with the things required to make a felt tree.

Things needed to make a felt tree

To start off, you would require a big felt or green chart paper for the tree. The preferable size of the felt should be roughly around 36 x 24 inches. Once you are done with this, the next thing you would need is a construction paper for the ornaments. The size of the construction paper depends upon the number of ornaments you would want for your tree, so it depends from person to person.

The ornaments would need to be stick on by an adhesive glue which will be required. A hot glue gun would do the trick too. You would require a scissor; some extra space and some chalk board colors for coloring. You would also require some fabric sheets for making the pockets too.

How to progress with the Christmas felt tree?

Once you have gathered all the relevant equipments, the next thing you’d need to go ahead with is the shape of the tree. Make sure you ask the kids to go with he shape of the traditional Christmas so that they develop the feeling for the festive period. After cutting out the shape of the tree, you can go ahead with cutting out different sized pockets for the ornaments. The best thing is to first draw out the pockets with chalk on the fabric sheet before actually cutting it. This would assure uniformity between the different pockets. Don’t try to be extra creative; two square shaped pockets of each color would do.

You might notice that your pockets cut have some wrinkles on it. If such is the case, pin the pockets together and iron it for some time, till the wrinkles vanish. Once you are done with this, the next thing is to stick the pockets together. Now there are a number of ways you can go ahead with this. Once can opt for the sewing method, which although is very effective but would be unfair for the kids. Hence, people often prefer the gluing method.

Once all the sides are stuck together, the back and the front, make sure you leave enough space for the fourth side which will lead to the opening of the pocket. After stitching the pockets, comes the time for creating the ornaments. This is where the fun and creative side comes in to play. The children can go ahead with creating different shaped designs for the ornaments on the construction paper with a chalk or a pencil. Once they have been drawn, they can easily be cut out of it and your felt tree is good to go. You can also find the best Christmas tree decoration items on our website at affordable prices too.

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