How to Sell Your Luxury Watch Collection for a Good Price?

Selling a luxury watch is a common dilemma the owner experiences because many aspects are involved ranging from exposure, fees, convenience, time to sell, and the amount you expect to get.

If you are in a tight situation and desire to sell or get a loan on your luxury watch collection then visit an online shop like The Lux Exchange. It offers top dollar loans for luxury assets. It is a great way to smoothen your cash flow. Everything is conducted online. Your asset can be shipped for free. Their team evaluates your asset and gets back to you. If you feel the offer is as expected, you can accept and get money transferred.

If you desire to sell your collection then below are some luxury watch selling options that can help you.

Sell watch with dealers and retailers

Dealers & retailers own a brick & mortar shop. These range from a reputable watch buyer to a resident mom & pop jeweler to the local pawnshop to branded retailers in the mall. Visiting the local retailer is a simple and quick way to collect cash selling your luxury watch. Unfortunately, all retailers differ and they will be unable to properly evaluate your classic timepiece.

For example, the Rolex you want to sell will not bring the dollars you expect. Besides, retailers have more overhead expenses, so their profit margins are less thus they offer low rates. However, you can always negotiate but watches that cost more than $5,000 + must never be sold at small jewelers or pawn shops. You need to choose individual watch buyers.

Sell watches on eBay, Craigslist, etc.

You can choose to sell on websites like Craigslist and eBay, where people buy and sell goods conveniently. These websites are vast and have the potential to gain wide exposure. Millions of potential buyers can see your timepiece collection. These sites have their drawbacks.

For example, a new profile on eBay means you will be unable to evoke sufficient trust to sell costly and luxurious items. There is a need for a few established sales to get a high seller ranking on eBay. Besides, buyers will not find it comfortable to buy an expensive luxurious timepiece from a total stranger. eBay also charges commission like 5 to 10% based on your ranking and selling history.

The challenge with craigslist is you will be limited to local geographic location. Therefore, finding a buyer keen to pay top dollars is hard on this outlet, even if they are free [no fees].

You see both options have their pros and cons. For instant cash, a local retailer is a good option. You can even choose to use your luxury watch collection as collateral on reputable financial supporters like Lux Exchange.

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