Know more about custom embroidered patches

About embroidered patches

Embroidered patches are used by people for various purposes; from decoration to brand awareness and for designing in the clothing articles. Therefore, if you have a torn denim fabric, then sewing an embroidered patch will definitely give a whole together new and dashing look to your cloth. Other than personal use, many organizations make use of these patches to promote their company in clothing pieces like hats, shirts or bags. Moreover, it is pretty common for uniforms such as the one of police and military to sport these patches.

How are they created?

If you have your own artwork that you want to be digitized into a patch, then there are various organizations that render their services to custom design patches for you. They use softwares like Wilcom to recreate and digitize your design and transfer it to the embroidered machine using a USB device or a data cable. Most popular organizations make use of a well-known Japanese brand machine known as Barudan machine, which is famous for its performance and superior quality.

Which type of thread and fabric is usually used for embroidered patches?

Some organizations make use of Chinese thread as they are comparatively cheaper to others. Though Madeira embroidery thread is also used to make custom embroidered patches and they are best suited for people like fire-fighters who are exposed to conditions like fire for a long period of time. There are a number of fabrics that are used to create patches such as polyester twill, nylon, fake leather, canvas, and woven fabric, among others.

Therefore, it is vital that you do your research thoroughly and think creatively so that you are able to choose the correct design, usage of thread and fabric. After you have decided, the small task of ordering or buying-in person is a piece of cake.

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