Mineral makeup: a natural solar screen

The mineral makeup is the thing to wear this summer if you are looking for a natural makeup with a safe and efficient solar screen. The fact is that two of the main ingredients of mineral makeup are natural solar screens that do not just reflect light but protect your skin from UV rays and cancer.

Ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, natural and highly safe minerals are found in almost all solar creams on the market. Titanium dioxide is so effective because of its ability to reflect light. It has one of the highest refractive indices in the world (n = 2.4). In fact, this refractive index is surpassed only by another mineral in the diamond world.

Titanium dioxide is also inorganic, preventing the skin from collecting moisture that can feed the bacteria and provoke or aggravate acne. This is a great news for acne people looking for effective makeup and solar product that will not worsen.

The second natural mineral mineral makeup is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide has not been chosen as an ingredient because of its solar qualities. However, it was chosen because it was chosen for its wide range of colors and is indeed eliminated in the provision of a wide range of colors for makeup artists to work during the formulation of the founders, redness and eyeliner. .

Zinc oxide is a natural UV blocker, just like titanium dioxide. It also has the same high quality quality of titanium dioxide and bacteria wards. Zinc oxide is also widely used in solar cream lotions than titanium dioxide. These two elements together give most mineral makeup marks a SPF of 15.

Of course, almost all the solar rays that bring you bought these minerals, so what is the problem? For acne and rosea victims, trust me it’s a big deal. The mineral makeup is known around the world that skin care makeup, because no matter the skin care conditions that you can suffer is a completely safe makeup for your skin. Recommended worldwide by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, it is so pure that you can sleep in without worrying about acne flair or any adverse reaction.

Talc-based matips, although they can contain these two natural solar minerals, also have other additives such as matrices, chemicals and oils. Talc himself is organic and can help feed the bacteria that aggravate acne and Rosasca. Almost any makeup on the market is based on talc. Another drastic difference is the way in which mineral makeup is treated and worn.

The minerals used in makeup are finely crushed until they are going too well to clicking pores. Talc is not crushed this fine and can obstruct pores worsening or causing skin problems. If you are looking for solar makeup that is a natural and safe mineral makeup is definitely the way forward.

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