Packaging 101: How to Make a Product Box That Stands Out?

Regardless of the niche and size of your business, packaging your product is an aspect that needs foremost attention. Marketing experts agree that packaging plays a dominant and important role when it comes to representing a brand. While there are many companies that specialize in wholesale custom shipping packaging, creating the product box requires effort and thought. In this post, we are discussing everything a brand must know about designing the ideal box for a product.

  1. Consider your product first

The packaging for a burger box would be different than that of a subscription box. To be more precise, the box must be designed keeping the product in consideration. We recommend that you find answers for the following questions-

  • How heavy is the product?
  • Do you need a product box with a specific shape?
  • How much of extra cushioning does the product demand?
  • Is the product fragile?
  • Have you planned the logistics?

Make sure to consider these aspects before making the next move.

  1. Branding and your audience

We all know that a custom product box should have a brand logo and relevant information, but have you evaluated what your customers expect from the product? For example, having a reusable subscription box for beauty products makes so much sense, because they can store the products in them. Minimal design and maximum effect must matter over everything else. To know the audience better, keep a tab on your competitors and take up a few surveys now and then to get the pulse of your target audience.

  1. Go the ecofriendly way

Ecofriendly product box is not a buzzword anymore. With landfills getting fuller with packaging material, your brand should consider ecofriendly packaging as an option. There are two benefits of it –

  • Firstly, you can stay compliant to relevant requirements and norms
  • Secondly, it does add value to your brand

Believe it or not, more buyers are becoming choosy about the brands they want to be associated with, and when you offer an ecofriendly box, it just works as a satisfaction for the customer too because they are making a better choice. To design an ecofriendly box, find a vendor who uses recycled and recyclable materials and can handle all kinds of small and large orders.

Innovation is important for creating a better product box, so think of redesigning the packaging, which may help in pushing sales, without any product changes. Order product boxes in bulk to save more on each item.

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