Proven Tips to Buy the Right Used Motorcycle

For most people, buying a motorcycle is a necessity. However, increasing price of motorcycle is what prevents them from making a purchase. Buying a motorcycle is an investment that is worth to be taken seriously. There are a few tips that we will mention in this article that will help you buy the right one for your needs.

Don’t blindly follow all what the salesman says

If a salesman finds you ignorant about moto Honda usagé, then he will make you buy the one that gives him profit. He can easily convince you through his sales tactics. You would find that he will come up with several reasons such as that the bike won’t be available after some time, or you won’t get it anywhere at such a less price, etc.

It is just their marketing strategy. It is needed that you don’t pay attention to it. The right thing would be to wait for some time and carry out a thorough comparison of the bike at various dealers. Go for one that suits your requirements and fits well into your budget.

Try evaluating a cold engine

A warm engine is easier to start and also easily hide several tuning issues. However, in real life, you will need to start an engine in the cold state and you need to know how well the engine performs in this state. So, thoroughly check the condition of your bike while it is in the cold state to get good knowledge about it.

Research about its parts before you visit the dealer

Do a good amount of research about different parts of a motorbike that includes brake pads, shoes, throttle cable, clutch cable, carb rebuilt kits, intake tubes, tires and petcock rebuilt kits. All these are very important to be evaluated.

Be sincere

Be friendly, and upfront. It is advised not to waste time of the salesperson by rescheduling the visit several times, arriving late to the store or taking up a lot of time of the seller and finishing at half of the asking rate.

Call the DMV

Get the VIN number and call the DMV for verification of how much is it going to take to register any vehicle. Ensure that it is not stolen. Verify the name of the present titleholder. Ensure that it is the same name at the time of getting the vehicle. Don’t forget to take the picture of the driver’s license.


All these tips will definitely prove to be useful at the time of buying a bike. The more informed and smarter you are, the better buying decision you will make.

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