Secret to the makeup of eyes staying throughout the day

If you have trouble keeping your eye makeup throughout the day without being in spots or the male, there are chances that you have a very fat skin, which is not a bad thing since He will help reduce the amount of wrinkles you get. Living in a wet climate will probably not make up to make up to stay either. So, how can you easily get it to stay? Well, there are several eye makeup companies that will sell you creams to put on your eyelid in which the only goal is to help keep your makeup from maculating or carving, so you put the cream on Your eyelid, then makeup on the cream. The only problem with this is that any application you use to apply the makeup over the cream will be extended to get some mixed cream with real makeup that you apply and can cause makeup (especially if it is dry powder) to become a little hard and compacted.

The cheap alternative for your eye makeup to stay throughout the day is first, applying a small amount of baby powder on top of your eyelids with a cotton square. Then apply a small amount of concealment of masking powder on that. The brand does not matter, but make sure you use a makeup concealment powder color that goes well with your tone. It does not matter if it shows it. You will then apply your eye makeup on it. You will be amazed at which point there is better! The purpose of the two powders work together to keep your eyelids pleasant and dry by absorbing excess oil on your skin, so that eye makeup will remain and will be much less likely to shut up or rub.

By using baby powder and a powdered concealment on your eyelids to avoid carving or lying as opposition to special creams, you save yourself not only a lot of money, but that you apply dry powder instead of A cream, there is no risk cream to get the mixed cream in dry eye makeup powder using the same applicator and applying more than once in one session. Make sure you use baby powder and powder concealment where you want to apply eye makeup, so that above the eyelid (just below your eyebrow) is where you are going to Put in eyelids, also make sure you also include both powders too (first, before putting the eyeshadow).

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