Seven Features to Look for when Buying a Washer

With a lot of features and functions available on washers today, it can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to cut through the noise in terms of finding the perfect machine for you. Because you will be investing plenty of money in an appliance that you want to be with you for a long time, you must make the right choice. To help narrow your choices down, here are some useful features to look for when you shop for a new washer:

Cycle Range

Find a washing machine that provides a range of cycles, from deep cleaning through to careful rinses for certain kinds of fabric. If you want to get things done quickly, look for a Whirlpool machine that provides a fast wash cycle; however, still gives exceptional performance. Also, look for the right capacity to suit the needs of your household.


Especially if you are living in an apartment, you want to pay attention to noise and vibration. Direct drive motors are quieter and more dependable than traditional belt and pulley systems. In addition, a direct drive motor will have less moving parts, possibly reducing the services involved.

Time Delay

This feature allows you to delay the start of the wash cycle. This lets your washer run during the night on a cheaper energy tariff or while you are not at home.

Pause and Add

If you want to buy a front load washing machine, ensure it has a pause and add function. Before, it was not possible to add items once the wash cycle started. However, with some modern units, this problem is eliminated.

Child Lock

This safety feature is important for households with kids. The majority of models have a lock that prevents the controls of the machine from being used. Others include a door safety lock which will stop the door from being closed.

Self-cleaning Function

Detergent and other residues can build up in top load washing machine tubs. Thus, units that have a feature that enable a monthly clean is not a bad idea. By doing a cleaning every month, you will help keep your machine in top condition that, in turn, prolongs its life.

Load Detection

With this feature, your washer weighs the washing load in the drum and automatically chooses the optimal wash required. This helps you save water and energy; however, it is costly and often found only in premium washers.

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