Silver Bookmarks: Making the Experience of Today’s Book Lovers More Special

The practice of reading a hard-bound book was almost a dying art because of the invention of technological devices such as the Kindle and iPad. These devices have allowed people to travel with even five books on holidays without worrying about space in their suitcase.

The Struggle

At first, the publishing industry lost market traction as the older generation is taking advantage of e-books and stop buying printed books. However, surprisingly, it is the younger generation that craves printed book, leading to a decline in the sales of e-books. However, there is more to the story than this.

When audio books were introduced, people were quite excited and grabbed the opportunity to follow stories while on the move. Audio books are known for their practicality and people desire to get information while on the go. A person can play an audio book while driving and consume information. It requires minimum effort because it does not involve turning pages or tapping the device’s screen since it only about listening.

The Survival

In the UK, the sales of published books domestically and abroad increase significantly. This means the printed version is not leaving the business scene anytime soon. To make the printed books more special, people use silver bookmarks to personalise their experience. There is a wide range of beautiful bookmarks including the vintage ones.

The availability of bookmarks in all styles, colours, designs has paved the way for book readers to find something even more special about reading books. An avid reader will always look forward to getting a new book, especially as they can choose to pair with a new bookmark. There are a lot of pages to read and stories to discover. With a silver bookmark, a reader can easily find the last page they were on.

Reading is an enjoyable and priceless hobby that deserves to be taken to the next level with a silver bookmark experience. A reader can save their current page in style. They can always remember the books they previously read each time they touch their favourite bookmark. Or maybe they want to give the book reader in their life a gift they will remember. A silver bookmark is the best gift to personalise to ensure it will be appreciated by the recipient or even the giver. Engraving a personalised message on the bookmark will make it the most memorable gift ever.

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