Sourcing Products In Thailand You Can Sell At A Profit

Many first timers to Bangkok notice the cost of some products compared with their home countries is significantly cheaper. If you love shopping, then Bangkok is an excellent destination for you, no matter what you are looking to buy. You can also make money by buying goods in bulk and then selling them when you get home, which may even help you pay for your trip. Below are some of the popular export items you may wish to consider purchasing to sell on for a profit when you visit Thailand.


Bangkok is one of the world’s jewellery capitals, and you can find many excellent artisans that produce high-quality handmade jewellery. There is jewellery available from a wide variety of precious materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and various gemstones. You can purchase sterling silver bangle bracelets wholesale, or whatever you think you can sell, take these back home and sell them for a profit, usually at a cheaper rate than you will in your home country. The more you buy, the lower the unit price, so you may wish to buy in bulk, but you need to be aware of import and export requirements for Thailand and your home country.


Many different fashion labels from around the world do much of their production in Asia, which means the clothing industry is highly skilled and adaptable. You may wish to consider speaking to some clothing manufacturers when you are on holiday in Thailand to see what bulk deals, they can offer you. Clothes for children are exceptionally affordable in Thailand, so you may even consider setting up a clothing store online using your social media. Whether you are selling to friends and family, or anyone who finds your wares, if you source high-quality clothing at a competitive price, you can make some excellent profit when you get home.

Thai Food Products

Thai cuisine is popular worldwide, and there is also a market for providing the ingredients to cook this style of food at home. You can talk to some of the different manufacturers about shipping their products to your home country and start to sell these online or in your local area. Whether it is preprepared Thai chilli paste, the abundance of Thai fruits, or other items like Chiang Mai sausage, you can make some extra income from selling Thai food products. You can also speak to local restaurants before you go and ask them what ingredients they have trouble sourcing to see where the market gaps are. If you can fill these gaps, you may end up becoming a reputable supplier to homes and businesses alike.

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