Things to Know When You Are Buying A Flute

Flute is one of the most recognized and the most primitive musical instruments. These are reed less, and woodwind instrument. It produces sound from the airflow across an opening. There are some common forms of flutes available in the market such as a side-blown flute, and an end-blown flute. Learning about their features, and characteristics will help you find the right one for your requirements.

End-Blown Flutes

This is a popular type of flute that you can find in the music store. End-blown flutes are also called as a notched flute. These flutes are played by blowing air at the rear end of a pipe or a tube. These flutes come with two types of sub-categories, like duct flutes and rim-blown flutes. The air gets split inside the flute because of the notch present in the tube. sharp edge. You will find these flutes in Andes Mountains of Peru, Japan, Korea and China.

Side-Blown Flutes

A side blown flute is also called as a transverse flute. It is held sideways or horizontally to play. Keyless transverse flutes are used in playing folk music, such as an Irish traditional music. These flutes were widely are used in the “Baroque period”. You will find various reputed music stores in Fargo. Music store Fargo is one of the best places to find different types of flutes like end-blown flute, side-blown flute, etc.

Other types of flutes

Concert Flute in C

This flute is also known as the Western concert flute. It is used in various ensembles that include orchestras, concert bands, marching bands, military bands, big bands and jazz bands. This pitch of this flute is in C. It has range is more than 3 octaves, that starts from middle C.

Bass Flute in C

This flute is used as an alternative for the “saxophone” in jazz music. It pitches 1 octave lower compared to the standard level C. It has a longer length, which helps in producing a lower tone.

Alto Flute in G

This flute has been in the market for the last 100 years and more. An alto flute is a type of a transposing instrument that implies that the actual sound is different from the music that is written for it. The tube of this flute is thicker as well as longer than a typical C flute. It needs more breathe from a player.


Now that you have known about different flutes, it will definitely make your buying decision beneficial.

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