Things You Must Know About Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are great for smoking tobacco and herbs. Yes, in the beginning, wooden and clay pipes were more in demand. However, now since there are more complex varieties of tobacco and herbs available, to ensure uncontaminated smoking experience, glass pipes are used.

Why use glass pipes?

When you are purchasing high quality and expensive tobacco or herbs, your intention is to experience its true taste and flavor, and glass hand pipes gives you just that. Glass is a non-combustible and non-porous material, and thus it doesn’t add any extra taste to the smoke. Moreover, since it is non-porous, there are no chances of cavities and bacteria, and this is great news for germaphobes.

Next, glass pipes are much more appealing in looks compared to others. Glass is modeled in a variety of shapes and sizes and so it is easy to find something which has a meaning for you. Some of the most popular shapes are – dragons, serpents and unicorns. Also, if you are a naturalist, you can go for shapes of animals, trees or flowers. In order to please users with a more artistic taste, craftsmen of glass pipes use bold and attractive colors, patterns and forms.

Different types of glass pipes

Chillums: This type of pipe is widely referred as hand pipes. They are a very basic type of cannabis bowls. They come in a simple design and are usually small in size. Herb or tobacco is packed at the end, lightened and inhaled.

Spoons: This is a more complex design than chillums. Spoon pipes come with a carburetor. Well, the carburetor is nothing but a small hole on the pipe. When the hole is covered, the incoming air gets drawn through the bowl into the combustion material. Now, when the hole is uncovered, air is drawn through the carb. The smoke is the pipe is thus easy to inhale.

Steamrollers: It comes with a bowl on one side. It is open from both the sides, and the end near the bowl works as the carburetor. Steamrollers are known for hard and hot rips, but still they are recommended for beginners.

Gandalf Pipes: This type of pipe has a large bowl and an arched stem. Its bottom is flat, in order to allow the stem to freely stand without being held. This type of pipe may or may not have a carburetor.

Bubblers: The harsh taste which is caused due to resins and tars are filtered in a bubbler. Before you inhale the smoke, it passes through water, and in the process makes the smoke smoother to inhale.

Well, you see glass pipes vary from simple chillums to complex bubblers, and so you can pick whatever design and style works for you the best. Lastly, note that if very good care is taken, these pipes can last for a lifetime.

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