Understanding The Meaning Of Common Flowers Available At The Local Florist

Gifting flowers is a popular trend in human society and rightfully so since the aesthetic quality of flowers, and their soothing fragrances are sure to brighten up one’s day. Millions of flowers are sold daily by the florist all over the world since flowers are the most common gift items too. Apart from being pleasing to see and smell, each flower can deliver a specific message. Let’s look at some of the most common flowers and their hidden meanings

Some common flowers and their meanings

Rose – Rose is the most common flower, and its various colors can be used to deliver various messages to others-

  • Red rose – A symbol of love, the red rose indicates that a person harbors romantic feelings for the recipient.
  • White rose – Symbolises innocence and purity. White rose indicated that the giver does not harbor any feeling of attraction, resentment, or anger towards the recipient.
  • Coral Rose – Indicates that the giver sympathizes with the recipient
  • Yellow rose- Indicates that the giver wishes to be friends with the recipient or is happy to have him/her on her side.
  • Dark, crimson rose – Indicates the state of mourning, typically used at funerals

Roses are easily available at your nearest florist, such as florist.

Daffodils – A single daffodil, when given, indicates that the given suspects a grave misfortune to be experienced by the recipient. In contrast, a bunch of daffodils indicates that the giver is happy and delighted to meet the person.

Lavender – Lavender symbolizes that the person admires the other or is used to complement one on his/her beauty. Lily, too is used to complimenting others on her beauty, and it is a common symbol for virginity.

How different cultures interpret flowers in different ways

Flowers can be used in any occasion, from one that of joy such as marriage, birthdays, anniversaries to one that of sadness such as funerals, but different cultures have different ways of interpreting the meaning of flowers in different circumstances. Usually, a foreigner can consult the flower’s meaning in the culture from the local florist, such as a florist, before gifting it to a local.

The different cultural perceptions can be best explained in this example; In Brazil, the potted flower is given as a gift at house parties so that the flower could live for long, bringing prosperity to the house. The same potted plant is never offered to a sick person since it may mean growing old in the same hospital room, never recovering from illness.

Anyways common flowers like rose carry similar meanings worldwide, so one can never go wrong with picking a flower and gifting it to somebody.

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