Vape Juice: What’s in the Liquid

If you are new to vaping, you are probably curious about the juice used to complete the vaping experience. Vape juice is the liquid used inside vaporizers and electronic cigarettes which create the vapor you inhale. Some vape juice contains nicotine while others don’t. You can find both pricy and cheap e juice that suits any budget. Because of the ability to customize, you can order it flavorless or with flavor that suits your taste.

Read on to learn more about ejuice:

What is in E-Juice?

Below are the ingredients used in making vape juice:

  • Vegetable glycerine (VG). This substance is responsible for the release of vapor in a huge mass. It offers a semi-sweet taste and a visual effect of vapor clouds, satisfying the visual sensation that cigarette smokers are trying to quit.  VG is used in many common food products and medicines. This colorless liquid has no smell and is very thick.
  • Propylene glycol (PG). PG is often mixed with VG to come up with a much thinner viscosity liquid. Together with VG, PG lets the atomizer tanks function better and carry the flavor notes when a flavor is added. Just like VG, it is contained in common food and medicine to keep them moist.

  • Flavorings. Vaping juice can feature a delicious taste. Because the liquid does not have much of a taste on its own when made, vape flavoring is added. The type of flavoring added is one that is safe to eat and inhale. That is you must do your homework when buying vape juice.
  • Nicotine. This substance makes vaping an effective substitute for smoking cigarette. It can satisfy your cravings without some of the other harmful ingredients from cigarettes.

Important Notes on Vaping Juice

A lot of e-liquids tend to taste better when the cap is left off after shaking it. This lets the mixture sit and breathe for a few days. Also, this offers the flavors more time to blend together. While you can make your own vape juice, it is best to buy those that made by reputable manufacturers. There are many options to choose from online in terms of flavor, nicotine strength, and other factors.

Vaping is a craze that is getting more and more attention because of the vapor’s fun nature and the delicious taste. Also, aside from changing the lives of vapers, they have a significant effect on the people around users who benefit from the eradication of tobacco smoke.

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