What Is The Cara Agar Rambut Lembut

Soft hair is still a dream for many people because some people face many difficulties getting soft hair. This can be because of many different reasons. The water quality and the nutrients in the body play an essential role in the hair’s health. Apart from these, there are many other cara agar rambut lembutbut soft hair cannot be achieved just one day. It requires patience.


Shampoo is one of the most basic hair products and plays a great role in hair texture. If a person wishes to make their hair soft, they should choose a shampoo designed for that purpose. Many of the modern shampoos come with keratin, which is great for making the hair soft.


Using a good conditioner after each hair wash can help in making the hair very soft. Conditioners are known for nourishing the hair, so conditioners are usually sold in sets along with shampoos. Using a conditioner regularly can improve the quality of hair over some time.

Regular use of shampoo and conditioner at regular intervals would keep the hair clean and make them softer, thicker, and shinier.

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