What is the Difference Between High Temp and Low Temp Dabbing?

Nowadays dabbing has been very famous. So there are some inevitable debates on how to perfectly dab the concentrates among beginners and pros. One of the important factors to consider is the temperature range for dabbing. Every range has its own pros and different equipment needed for optimal dabbing. For instance, in high temp dubbing, you need titanium nails for best high temp dabbing because they heat the fastest while the low temp dabbing needs ceramic nails, the slowest nail material to heat.

High-Temperature Dabbing

In the high temp dabbing, the nail is heated to a very high temperature. When you heat the concentrates, it releases carcinogens like benzene and naphthalene. Due to this, you can heat the nail till it glows into dark red and then wait for 10 seconds. As titanium is the ideal choice for heating the nail at a high temp, people use the Grade 2 Titanium Domeless nail from Headquarters smoke shop in Tempe. This is ideal for vaporizing the concentrates instantly and doesn’t need a dome at all. This is because the shape of the bowl has all the vapour to the opening of the nail that creates instant suction in the oil rig.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

In the low temp dabbing, the nail is heated to a low temperature and a carb cap is installed on the top of the nail while it is dabbed. This traps the heat and melts and keeps the concentrate from evaporating completely. Low temp dabbing has an advantage that it reduces the risk of carcinogenic compounds being produced and making the use of a low temp retains more flavour in the oil. When it comes to choosing the carb cap for your mail, then you need to know if your nail is domeless or not. If it is not, then you need something for covering the opening and a domeless nail needs a carb cap.

A carb cap lets you set the dab onto the nail and you can flip it around for using the carb cap from the other end. Ceramic nails tend to hold the nail longer than the typical titanium nails. This makes them an ideal choice for the low temp dabs as the nail will retain the heat for a longer period of time which lets the dabs to be used with no worries if the nails cool down very quickly.

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