What is the latest fashion design?

One of the fall trends will be the “military look”. It will not be the intensive look that was once style, but more of a subtle look that will focus on the lighter color and fabric.

Another trend in the fall is the “outdoor clothing underwear” look. Delicate lace and exhibits will be the new thing. Underwear will be used primarily as layers on warmer clothing warmer.

The leather will always be one of the pillars of fashion. It will be available in everything, dresses, leggings and even shorts. The leather will be particularly hot when associated with the military look. The trend in shirts and blouses will be to touch them all in place, even the necklaces. More open collars or molded shirts. Sophistication and the case seem to be the way forward with shirts and blouses.

Even though boots are still big on the fashion scene they can not be worn every day, so the high knee, on the knee and high thigh socks will be a new trend for the winter. The new way of wearing them will be to stall them on the legs. The leggings are going to be mainly white, leaving the dark colors behind. Velvet will make the scene this fall and winter and not only on vacation. There will be a range of colors and styles will be all masculine in Girly-Girly.

The most connected top clothes for autumn and winter will be the cape. The versatility of this envelope facilitates the holding of its day or its night. The choice of fabric, color and style will be at the individual.

The fashion of men will be focused on the costume. The costumes are never really out of fashion they have just changed styles. The last style will be a three room and will include a bow tie. The cut will be relaxed and the costume will have all the classic features. Men’s causal styles will now present a more put together. It will no longer be the “thing” to look sloppy. Causal fitted trousers and buttoned buttoned shirts will be the hottest look.

The colors of autumn go from audacity and brilliant to deep shades. Color blocking with strong graphics patterns in jewelry tones and brilliant shades will also help define fall and winter fashion. The mix of brilliant tones and jewelry will also be seen on skirts and pants.

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