Will Traditional Shopping Die Due to Shopping Online?

The recognition of internet shopping continues to be seen by many people as a menace to the presence of traditional shopping. Their argument is dependant on the current prevalent closure of established brands like Sears and finest Buy. But could we actually state that traditional shopping is dying?

This Year, although the U.S economy was sluggish, shopping increased by 15% over the year before. Additionally, about 35% of american citizens are in possession of smartphones which assist them to purchase products or services on the internet which figure is anticipated to increase considerably in subsequent years. In fact, about 50 % of smartphone users used their phones for just one purchase or another. On Xmas day of 2011 alone, about 6.8 million android and ios smartphones were activated. Top internet store, Amazon . com, recorded a whooping internet purchase of $48.08 billion this year addressing 40.6% increase over $32.20 billion recorded this year. This figure is anticipated to increase this year and subsequent years. What then may be the implication of those to physical retailing?

Because so many people now choose to shop on the internet because of the benefits derivable by doing this like convenience, quick access to promote, cost comparison, avoidance of crowd, better prices and so forth, are we able to really state that the traditional method of shopping has been threatened? Within my own opinion, technology will boost the traditional method and never kill it. The recognition of video cassette recorder (VCR) within the 80’s was seen by many people as a menace to cinemas then, however nowadays, the show industry continues to be strengthened through the new technology and also the interest in films has elevated.

Furthermore, once the email grew to become extremely popular, a great deal people believed that the standard postal service would die, however nowadays, it’s waxing more powerful. The purpose I am driving at here’s that, if traditional shop proprietors can embrace new technology, shopping on the web wouldn’t be a menace to them however a blessing.

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